20 Lessons I learned in 2020


When you hear the word twenty-twenty, how do you feel? Do you get sad? Mad? Frustrated? Laugh?

If we would have told ourselves the year that we were about to face was going to be filled with so many hardships, challenges, heartbreak, sickness, death and grief we probably wouldn't have believed it. Honestly, it's hard to even comprehend what all just happened in this past year.

Part of me wished that I would have been better about documenting the journey through my journal or writings every day with all of all the happenings, both good + bad. But there's also another part of me that is okay with only having certain things documented. Because despite all of the challenges that this past year had brought us, there was also a whole lot of growth. And like most growth... it happens when we're in the very thick of it, living (or in this case, surviving) through it all.

Before fully "closing" the chapter of 2020, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate all the GOOD that did come out of the year. So here's a compiled list of "20 Lessons I learned in 2020," of course, there was still more growth than just these 20 things... but my hope is that this will be a small documentation that both growth + joy can come out of darkness and life's hardships.

  1. Be spontaneous. Some of these moments will become your most treasured memories.

  2. Spend time with Jesus and welcome him into this journey called life with you.

  3. Family is everything! Make time to connect with them. Be open, honest, put away the distractions and spend quality time together.

  4. Cherish the season you are in... before you know it, you'll be in the next season and will realize just how special the previous season was.

  5. Baking is a lot of fun and not as scary as you thought. Embrace the very slow but incredibly rewarding process.

  6. Also, cooking is amazing! Experiment in the kitchen, cook with friends (virtually or together) it's even more fun with a great dance playlist and a yummy drink!

  7. Go on daily walks and spend time outdoors. It will be a game changer for your mental health.

  8. Some relationships aren't worth hanging unto. It is completely okay to recognize that it's time to walk away and move on.

  9. You are FULLY capable of achieving that goal/vision/dream. Have have confidence and believe in yourself.

  10. There are ways to (safely) travel in a pandemic.

  11. Say "yes" to new opportunities that come your way, you will be thankful that you did.

  12. Not everyone is always going to agree with you and that is OKAY.

  13. Celebrate the friendships that stick with you through the good and the bad. They are here for the long-haul and truly make you a better person.

  14. Tough-love is good love. When friends point out your flaws, it's because they see your full potential and want you to be 100% who you were made to be. This is love.

  15. It is absolutely possible to have a BLAST during a virtual zoom/video call. Game nights, cinco de mayo, dance parties... you name it!

  16. Being an entrepreneur is going to be freaking HARD, but wow.... it is absolutely worth it. Keep pushing forward. You've got this.

  17. Pivoting can be an incredible thing. It challenges you in more ways than you thought you were capable of but you will be amazed by the new doors and opportunities that are opened.

  18. Keep creating. You are growing so much.

  19. Have the tough conversations and be honest with where your heart is at. I promise you will be grateful for the growth that comes out of it.

  20. This year you have been challenged in more ways than you ever even thought possible. You laughed, you cried, you grieved, you celebrated. People and moments were lost but also so many new & beautiful things were gained. You will look back on this year grateful for the challenging times because of the deep, rooted growth that came out of this season.

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