2023 / Word of the Year

For the past couple of years I have been intentional about choosing a word of the year. My hope and prayer is that the words that I intentionally choose are a reflection of the ways in which I hope grow in the season ahead. For these words to be something that I am able to embrace and fully embody.

This year in 2023 my word is c o n f i d e n c e.

There are many titles that I hold: friend, daughter, sister, wife, mother. No matter the title, it is important for me to know who I am as an individual. What are the things that make my heart come alive? The hopes and dreams that I have for my life, both inside & outside of these titles. As my roles have shifted and the seasons have changed I have found myself asking these questions once again.

In this year it is my hope and prayer to re-embrace who I am with confidence. I want to fully engage with the woman God has so thoughtfully created me to be. May this year be the year that I gain the confidence to fully embrace every title & truth.

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