Our Wedding Day / The Morning

Where do I even begin?!

Perhaps we can start with how perfect our wedding day was. To be honest, I always found myself rolling my eyes *just slightly* when I heard others talking about their wedding day as their 'Best Day of Their Lives.' And that's coming from someone who has been a wedding photographer for the past 8+ years!

However now having experienced my own wedding day I realize there really is some truth to this statement. We didn't plan our wedding day over an extended period of time. It was 3 months to be exact. Some people might find that incredibly challenging to accomplish but as wedding photographers ourselves we knew there were many things we didn't want at our wedding day and very few things we knew we absolutely did want. It was actually pretty simple for us. We wanted an intentional day spent with our closest family and friends and I only had two wishes: to look good & to feel good.

We got married in our 1968 Mid Century Modern home in Central IL. When we first bought the home just a few months prior to our wedding day we immediately knew that it would be the perfect setting for us to get married. Brad and I got ready in two rooms that were side-by-side (our bedroom & office) and waited to see one another until we were fully ready and had a private first look. The morning was peaceful and filled with intention. I had my hair stylist and makeup artist come to us directly and got ready alongside my mother, sister, and soon to be daughter by marriage.

While I was focused on writing out my vows and connecting with the day (can you tell I'm an introvert?) Brad was helping around the house alongside friends and family members, finishing the final touches of our backyard set-up and making sure all of the kids were happy and fed.

We had set a time limit for 12PM of when we had to make sure we were both starting to get ready for our wedding. This helped us stay focused and allowed the time we needed to really take our time getting ready - stress free. During this time, our photographers Liz & John Rudman were floating back and forth between the two of us and capturing details in between.

Dress: The Sentimentalist in Atlanta, GA
Suit Jacket: Alton Lane
Rings: Caitlin Hicks Design
Shoes: Soludos

Although we were getting ready next to each other, neither of us had known what the other was fully up to or any of the details which had been chosen for our attire. This brought a sweet anticipation to our day as we prepared to see each other for the first time before we became husband and wife.

When choosing the details for my full look I knew I wanted to keep things minimal and classic.
Each piece was chosen with this in mind.

Rings: Caitlin Hicks Design + Los Angeles Minimalist
Bracelet: MVMT
Earrings: Gifted from my mother (both her and my sister wore the same style earrings on their wedding days!)

Our home is made up of glass sliders that lead directly outside which ended up being the perfect setting for our first look. The two of us were able to have a private first look right outside the rooms we were getting ready in and it was so incredibly special. I never felt so beautiful and so loved then the moment Brad saw me for the first time in my wedding dress. Immediately I wanted to go up and give him the biggest hug but he asked me to stay back just for a moment for him to look at me in awe. With tears in his eyes, he whispered the sweetest 'I love you.' I was beyond ready to get married to my best friend!

Stay tuned for part two coming soon!

All photography by: Liz Rudman Photography

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