10 Things I learned in LA

  1. People really love the words: vibe + energy. 
  2. Don’t let the marine layer fool you! It may be overcast and foggy in Malibu at 8am, but the moment you get… well, anywhere else and it’s 10am it WILL be bright + sunny once again!
  3. Vegan food is actually really, really good when made with fresh ingredients. Also, it probably helps that just about everyone in LA is vegan.
  4. Get to know your neighbors and trust new experiences.. you might be surprised by what comes your way! I mean, our 4th of July looked something like this: family picnics, playing games, pool party (like the kind you see in the Hollywood movies) and meeting some really incredible people. 
  5. You really don’t know LA until you’ve lived there (or at least spent a lot of time there) it is definitely a LOT bigger than you would think.
  6. Take the time to explore neighborhoods/areas outside of where you live. You’ll be incredibly surprised by the variety of culture, styles, and just the overall entire setting. Each area feels like a small city in itself.
  7. Always plan extra time for commuting… LA traffic is no joke. Oh, and bring snacks for the ride because you’re probably going to get hungry while sitting parked on the interstate for 1+ hours on the daily.
  8. If you decide to be outside for more than 1 hour, please wear sunscreen. Don’t let cloudy days fool you.. if you’re in a swimsuit, hanging by a pool/the beach for the day you will most definitely look like a lobster by the end of the night.
  9. Embrace your natural beauty. You’ll be surprised by how much confidence you gain when ditch the makeup, embrace the freckles and let the ocean air do it’s thing!
  10. Never, ever be afraid to go after something that your heart desires. If you want to apply for that job, do it! If you want to move to that big new city for just a season of life, GO for it! The only thing holding you back from experiencing new things is yourself. I promise… you will thank yourself for taking that leap of faith.

    The growth is 100% worth facing the unknown. 

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