JUNE | Reflections

O N E   M O N T H. One month since I launched my personal brand, Alisa Nicholle Co. Less than a month since I packed up my car, drove 2,000+ miles across the nation and moved to a place that has never failed to inspire me, Los Angeles, a second home which I hold so dear to my heart. And in that time? Oh boy, I have learned a lot!

It's honestly so crazy for me to think that this time, one month ago, I was sitting at my favorite local bar (shout out to Quality!), sipping on a locally crafted IPA and trying my very best to write out the mess of emotions, thoughts, fears, and experiences which had led me up to this point. Since then it has been a complete rollercoaster of all of these emotions, in addition to countless opportunities experienced, connections, and countless memories made!

As I currently sit outside my California home, sipping on wine and soaking in the late-afternoon California sunshine, I find myself reflecting on the time I've experienced here so far and recognizing the woman I am today - and the woman I continue to strive to be (there's a reason why I have PROV 31:25 tattooed on my arm... but that's a story for another day!) These are just a few of the realizations which have come into fruition:

I want to be kind and honest, straight-forward and yet approachable. I want to be a good leader and firm in my stance, but also open for change and growth. I always want to strive to be the very best version of myself and understand that sometimes (let’s be honest… basically all the time) we won’t have it all together and life is going to be just a little bit messy. But it’s in those times of vulnerability, where we let down our guard and open up our mindset to the change around us, where we will truly experience the growth in our hearts and in the very character of who we are.

I am honestly in awe of how much has happened since I've arrived, the experiences I've had, the people I’ve met and all of the incredible memories which I’ve made in just this past month. If all of this has stemmed from taking a risk and moving one-step forward in the direction where my heart felt called to go, then I want to forever walk on this path.

I am both excited, nervous and even a little bit scared to continue to move forward and pursue what's ahead of me - but I have no doubt in my mind that in this season, this is where I belong.

All my love,

Alisa Nicholle

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