As I sit outside soaking up the warm Midwestern sun, sipping on a crisp, locally crafted IPA from my favorite neighborhood bar in a city which has become so well-known to my heart, I welcome you all as I begin to share my story… what I believe to be my purpose as a creator, dreamer, and woman who is uniquely & wholeheartedly herself – quirks & all.

It’s always been challenging for me to know where to begin – where does the story really start? I find myself over-thinking the process of writing yet another life update (like many of us twenty-something’s) trying to see if it’s possible to share a piece of my heart and really express how passionate, excited, vulnerable and inspired I truly feel as I head into a new chapter of life (hang on... I'll get to that soon).

I’m left pondering the WHY behind all of this. Why do we do what we do?  Why do we go where we go?  Why do we love the people we love?  I realize it’s actually quiet simple. I genuinely believe that each and every one of us were created with a purpose – a unique, gifted calling on our lives. This will always look different for every one of us… and honestly? That’s the beauty of it all. 

I am a woman who is so incredibly passionate about pursuing genuine relationships and connecting with other people through all walks of life. I believe we all have a story to share… and at the end of the day, we are just eager to find community and recognition in others – to be seen for who we truly are. I want to be that person for others – the friend, the encourager, the one to inspire. Whether this be through listening, pursuing, or creating I know that I have been shaped and molded to have a heart that was made for this. My gifts through photography, creating, and story-telling were made to serve others and the world around me. To recognize just how important it is to share with the world your unique and one-of-a-kind story.

In the past few years I have been blessed with a multitude of incredible opportunities in pursuit of my creative career. This included an extremely rewarding internship which later on lead to a full-time job offer as an associate photographer/social director for an Adventurous Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer, Brad Hart Co. After having studied abroad as an exchange student in a foreign country for a year (learn more fun facts about me!) I knew that I wanted to pursue a career which involved at least these three things: photographytravel and people/connections.

This job checked all of those boxes AND more! Can you talk about a dream job?! It was definitely a time where I learned so much about the wedding industry, how to successfully run a business and what it looked like to live a life as a creative entrepreneur. During this time, I was also able to discover a lot about who I was as an independent young-adult, finding both joy and pride in the city where I lived. Although from the outside, central Illinois didn’t have a lot of appeal, I was able to quickly discover the unique and wonderful things my home-town (and all the people around) had to offer!

This has all lead me to where I am today: with an opportunity to step into a new season of life and share with you all some really exciting news! Yep, that's right... it's announcement time! 

Announcement #1) I am so humbled by having the opportunity to present to you the launch of my own personal brand, Alisa Nicholle! Launching a creative brand & business has been stirring in my heart for such a long time and yet, I constantly found myself lacking the confidence to fully embrace (and face the fears & doubts I had) in order to make this happen. However, as I began to reflect on everything which has lead me to the path that I am on today I realize that through time, experience, and growth I have been in the process of stepping into this role all-along. Because after all, I am Alisa Nicholle; a woman who is so incredibly passionate about people, creating, and seeking joy in this beautiful, creative adventure that is life.

Announcement #2) I was presented with an incredible opportunity to both live and work in Los Angeles, CA for the summer! I know... I'm pinching myself a little bit, too! Southern California is a place which I cherish so deeply and my heart truly comes alive whenever I am soaking up that California sunshine. It only seemed right to coordinate this move with the launch of my brand as the West Coast flavor is exactly what I am so eager to seek in my creative services! This upcoming weekend I will be packing up my car and road-tripping out West to welcome in this wonderful new season and all of the opportunities, connections, and growth that is to come!

For all you Champaign/Urbana locals, don't worry, I won't forget about you! I am still available for hire and would love the opportunity to chat and dream together for future collaborations and work opportunities! Although this summer I know I'll be missing downtown patio hangs, eating taco's from Maize, running into friends just about anywhere I go and the beautiful Midwestern summer nights... I know California will be good to me.

I hope that in reading through all of this, you were able to see a glimpse into my heart, finding inspiration in my words and experience. To then help YOU find the courage to discover your hearts greatest desires and fully step into your life's purpose & calling. We're all in this together - so let's make the most of this incredible life we've been so very blessed to live!

If you (or anyone you know!) is local to the area I would absolutely love the opportunity to connect.  If you want to follow along my journey, you can find me through Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and of course here!

Until next time,

                Alisa Nicholle

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