Ebby Lowry | Branding Session

You know those people that just completely light up a room the moment they walk in? That’s who Ebby is and it was evident throughout her personal branding session.

She is truly a burst of joy and brings so much light to anybody’s life that she’s in! And this joy & energy that Ebby brings was was present as we adventured around her Chicago neighborhood capturing fresh branding photos for her wedding photography business, Ebby L Photography.

I met Ebby a couple of years ago through our local creative community group, The Rising Tide Society – Tuesday’s Together. What first started off as fellow “co-workers” quickly became a much deeper relationship. While she was still living in the same city we had regular work-dates, coffee hangouts and endless life conversations.

Last year, Ebby moved to Chicago and in this past year she has overcome so many hardships in life that have only made her stronger and even more beautiful (inside & out!) and I am so incredibly proud of the woman that she is and continues to grow into! We have shared so many incredible memories together, including attending workshops, photographing weddings, and all the photoshoots + brunch hangs in-between. I had so much fun capturing some updated brand content for her photography business in Chicago!

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