5 ways to feel CONFIDENT before your next photoshoot

  1. Become friends with your photographer!!! No, for real: we WANT to be your friend! I always encourage an in-person or FaceTime meeting prior to booking any sessions. This not only allows you to be able to ask any of those questions you’re wondering pre-shoot, but also allows an opportunity for a us to get to know one another. That way on the day of the photoshoot we’ve already established that initial connection & now it’s time to just hangout with your new friend & have FUN!

  2. Make sure you hire a photographer whose style you LOVE and could picture what the photos of you captured by this photographer would look like printed in your home/on your social media. Not sure what kind of photography style you’re attracted to? Look at your most recent saved posts to Instagram or Pinterest… once you do some scrolling you might start to get an idea. Maybe you’re captivated by bright colors + joyful moments, or maybe something a little bit darker & moodier is more your jam. Whatever it is that you find yourself drawn to the most should be what you land on! This will help you FALL IN LOVE with the final results!

  3. Take time to pamper yourself beforehand. I mean, we could all use an excuse for a spa night, right?!?! I don’t know about you but I know for me I always feel like A MILLION bucks the day after I spent the time to do some DIY self care: bath, fresh coat of nail polish, face/hair mask, you name it.. nothing’s off limits! Pamper away!

  4. Don’t overthink your wardrobe. I know, I know.. this is probably the most challenging one to follow. It’s the one thing I know ALL of us are guilty for worrying about the moment we hit “inquire” with a photographer. But here’s the thing: photoshoots should be a reflection of who YOU are. Yes, you should feel 100% confident in what you’re wearing but don’t go out of the way to wear something you would NEVER wear otherwise. A good rule of thumb: what’s your go-to outfit for date night? A night out with the girls? When you’re having a crummy day and decide to get dressed up just for the hell of it because dang it, you want to feel CUTE? (#quarantine) This should be the guide to help lead you in the right direction.

  5. Be silly and have FUN with it! We all take ourselves a little too seriously these days (I know I do!!!) But there’s a reason when we choose to let go & just be present and silly in the moment that we end up having the BEST time! Trust me, there’s zero judgment here: us photographers actually celebrate those quirky little moments where your personality comes out & SHINES.

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