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April 28, 2020

I had the opportunity to ‘sit down’ (a.k.a. FaceTime chat over coffee) with Audra, owner and creator of Cherish Goods – a handmade clay jewelry shop. Audra has such a genuine heart + soul and has the most delightful perspective on life, something that I think we can all cherish and appreciate this season. Continue to read for our full interview + see how you can help support Audra in her new business venture!

ALISA: Where does the name Cherish Goods come from?
AUDRA: It just one of those things that kind of came to me! You know, as I was thinking through what I could name this business, I thought to myself; ‘one of the most awesome things in the world is to be known and cherished by someone.’ It was then that I realized this is exactly how God feels about me! And that was something I could carry through in the name. I also kept it as just ‘goods’ because I know in the future I’d like to branch into other products besides just earrings, so this gives me the option to do that when the time comes.

ALISA: I really love the meaning behind all of this so much.
AUDRA: Yeah, I really do too! You know… I’m not really somebody who has a strength in spreading the gospel and speaking to people who don’t know Jesus, I just recognize it isn’t my strength. But I realize this is the perfect way for me to be able to drop little seeds in a way that comes natural to me and feels right.

ALISA: Absolutely! It sounds like your faith is a big part of your life. Would you say that it has a lot of influence on how (and the why behind) the way you run your business?
AUDRA: Yeah, I feel like it’s a joint thing. Like it’s all in one. I have always been a creative who loves to make things and create new things, and I feel like that is one of the many gifts that God has blessed me with. I wanted to be able to exercise that and step away from the fear worrying if people would like what I put out there in the world, and instead embrace these gifts as well as continue to plant the seeds in my service and the posts I make as I start up conversations with others.

ALISA: Love this! So, circling back to the the goods part, I know you mentioned in the future you see yourself broadening the products you offer but I am curious what made you decide to focus on earrings in this season?
AUDRA: For the past year or two I haven’t really worn much jewelry at all accept for a couple of minimal pieces like my rings. However, in this time I have really grown to love earrings and the simple statement they can make. It compliments people’s hair and face so well. I truly believe it’s the piece of jewelry that makes people feel and look the most beautiful. Plus.. they are just SO fun!!!

ALISA: They really are! Especially the clay earrings.
AUDRA: Yeah!! I’m just all about those natural tones and textures, you get it right?

ALISA: **laughs** Oh, I totally get it. You’re speaking my love language!
AUDRA: Exactly. They just look so pretty on people without being “too much.” I don’t ever want my jewelry to overpower people, but instead emphasize the beautiful features they already have.

ALISA: Where would you say the majority of your influence comes from?
AUDRA: I would say my color palette influence naturally comes from what looks good in my eyes. However, I’m kind of trying to get away from that comfort and I have to remind myself ‘you know, Audra, you want other people to enjoy your jewelry too!’ so it’s a balance. But overall, I would say just those warm pretty tones that look nice on everyone and can go with a lot of different styles. I don’t want someone to buy a pair of earrings and only wear them once because they can’t figure out what to wear them with.

ALISA: You want them to be their favorite ‘go-to’ piece, right?
AUDRA: Yeah! You know, that one pair that you just LOVE. I’m all about that.

ALISA: What about the shapes & styles? Is that something you find yourself experimenting a lot with or are you pretty set on knowing what works well?
AUDRA: I am still learning! It’s an experimentation process of figuring out what works. Sometimes I’ll be cutting out shapes and just start playing around and stumble across a new design and say, ‘Oh! That actually looks really good together!’ Right now I would say I am in the more experimental part. My goal would be to have about 5 set styles that are a trademark to Cherish Goods, and then continuing to play with new styles in addition to.

ALISA: Obviously, we know one major way people can help support you in this season is to buy your earrings.. but I want to know, is there any other way we can help encourage + support you right now?
AUDRA: Definitely, going to my Etsy page is a great way to support! In addition though, honestly just sharing with your friends and family is so helpful! Also, I really love it when customers buy earrings and share the different ways they are wearing them. It just makes my heart SO happy when I see other people wearing something I made. I always want to just cheer them on and say “YES! You look so great!!!”

ALISA: Audra, thank you so much for your time in answering these questions! I am so excited to share all that you do with others.
AUDRA: Thank you!!!! I am so excited, too!!

You can help support + follow along Audra’s journey through her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cherish__goods/

And purchase your own earrings (or gift to a friend) via Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/cherishgoodsearrings/


WOOHOOO SO FUN!!! You made my pieces look so pretty!! Thanks so much Alisa!!!