Leaving Utah was bittersweet, to be honest. From saying goodbye to my car, meeting some incredible new friends, and waking up to a beautiful sunrise on Lake Powell after sleeping on the beach we had a lot of memories in this state. That to be said, we were excited to continue onward with our journey and experience more ahead.

Next stop? The Grand Canyon! Although this is a place I had been to previously with my family as a child, Maggie had never been and I hadn't yet experienced this vast wonder as an adult. Though our time was limited due to our long drive ahead to California we still made sure to stop, get out of the car and bask in the incredible God-given views. Seriously.... there's nothing like humbling yourself in a place that is so wide and far beyond and just soaking it all in.

Continuing on the road, we got to see a whole lot of dessert! I mean... that's to be expected out here in the west, right?! Arizona is such a beautiful state though and we loved seeing ALL of the cacti!

FUN FACT! I was originally born in Tuscan, AZ and lived there until I was 3 years old!

After many, many hours in the car we finally made it to our final destination before we arrived in LA... Palm Springs! I was able to find an awesome deal for a hotel that night which ended up being the Hyatt in downtown! It was the perfect place as we got to enjoy a very relaxing evening of hanging by the poolside with a glass of wine in hand, having (much needed) fresh showers, and getting caught up on some work + rest!

The next morning we got up early and faced the intense summer heat (we're talking 110 degrees outside!!!) and went on a 3+ mile bike ride exploring this unique little city. It was such a fun way to explore our last destination on this memorable roadtrip!

And to the man who showed us this beautiful desert garden...

I believe that people show always smile. Because I've experienced that if you smile to someone, they always smile back... that is, unless you're in a casino. You could be tap dancing naked and not a soul would notice.

- Clark, aka "Superman"

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