Horseshoe Bend has always been a bucket list location for me to visit. Mind you, when I saw photos of this iconic spot I never considered exploring this beautiful & vast desert land in the heat of summer, mid-afternoon and over 100 degrees outside. However, despite the heat (and man... was it HOT!) Maggie and I were determined to hike and explore the stunning Glen Canyon National Park. We were not disappointed!

While hiking in high-tourist locations, there's always opportunities to meet so many different people from all over the world. It's always so fun to hear about people's adventures and why they are here and where they are headed next! We met this really sweet couple from Belgium who was touring the USA on their honeymoon. Of course, I snapped a few photos for them!

Next up? Hydration!!! But really though.... we definitely had to be careful to make sure that we were staying healthy amidst all of our hiking and sun exposure!

Once we were able to catch up on some rest we made our way over to Antelope Canyon where we took a group tour. Although this ended up being a lot more touristy than I originally expected... I absolutely LOVED it!

Such a beautiful natural land and totally worth visiting. Plus, it's honestly the most photogenic place! I wouldn't be mad about returning once again, perhaps with a couple next time (engagements, anyone?!)

After a long day of adventure, we decided to make our way over to Lake Powell to cool down.

This ended in a night of relaxing, making new friends and enjoying dinner & campfire chat's on the beach.

With it being such a beautiful night, Maggie and I decided to ditch our original plan and brought the few blankets/pillows we had and slept under the stars on the beach.

Waking up to the most beautiful sunrise,

I couldn't have thought of a better way to end our time in Utah.

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