If you had an opportunity to read about my first 24 hours on the road, you would know that it was already quiet the adventure in itself! It's crazy to think that flash forward 3 months and I am sitting back in this same, quaint city where my summer adventure began. Life has it's way of flashing right before us and sometimes we're in control - and other times?

Well, our focus simply s h i f t s - but that's a story for another day! It's time to catch you all up on my travels!

Leaving Denver, CO was honestly bittersweet - though our time was short, Colorado has been a state I've always been so eager to explore. Despite our initial plans to see what this beautiful state had to offer, time didn't allow - this time around. Looks like I'll have to plan a trip out to this mountainous state in the near future! That to be said, we sure did enjoy our drive as we continued onward and seeing all of the nature that surrounded. So much so that the heat wave decided to take over and start a fire in the desert - the first of many we were to face this day!

As we continued our travels throughout Colorado, we slowly made our way into even more desert land - UTAH! I was so pleasantly surprised by how incredible this state is. Having never spent much time in the area beforehand, I was truly in awe of all the natural beauty that surrounded us. Despite the heat - we were quick to pull off the side of the road to see up close and soak it all in.

After getting back on the road, things took an unexpected turn. We started to experience a few issues with my car and long story short.. it completely broke down. In the middle. of. nowhere. 

What do two girls who know basically nothing about cars do when in 115 degree heat, a smoking car (quiet literally) in their possession and stranded in the desert? Call AAA, say a quick prayer, and start jumping into action with our plan B. Let me take just a moment to brag for a moment here. I honestly could not have chosen a better travel partner than Maggie Rae - she immediately took the situation into action and helped me process through all the possible scenarios and how we can best approach any outcome we were about to face. This helped me SO much as I am usually one who feels stuck in times of hardship! This helped us prepare for the worst... which ended up becoming our reality!

Y E P - this was truly a buzzkill! But you know what? Through all of this, we learned a few incredibly important lessons... probably the most important being this: sometimes life just happens. We can either let it tear us down and ruin our plans/hopes/dreams, or we can take a deep breath + keep on moving forward.

What's next?

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