The night before I left town I had the opportunity to connect with my two closest friends for a night out in town over drinks at some of our favorite local spots. After a busy few days (anybody else feel me on the chaos before a move?!) it was so nice to be able to just take a break from everything I was doing and hangout & have good time. I honestly couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my last night in Chambana before leaving for the summer!

The evening ended late, and my morning got started V E R Y early! With a 4am wake-up call, I finished packing up the last few things and hit the road with my dear friend Maggie as we began our journey out west! Our next destination? Denver, CO!

After 15+ hours of driving we made it to our destination... tired and hungry! We checked into our AirBnB and then went out to find some food and a drink to celebrate our first day of travel. With Denver being so well known for it's countless breweries, we found it necessary to check out one of the many and see what it was all about! We found a really delicious taco truck nearby to pair and it turned out to be just what we needed to end a long, but successful day.

The next morning, after a less than ideal stay at an AirBnB (they're not all winners, folks!) we were both eager for good coffee and the right kind of atmosphere to get some work done and figure out our next plan of action for travels. We ended up finding the most p e r f e c t little coffee shop called Sonder - which we ironically named my car later on this trip - where we had the best cup of coffee, such an inspiring place to set up, and really awesome people to pair.

Both of the barista's were artists themselves, so we got into a conversation and I asked to document them - something which I continued to do throughout our travels. Pictured: Pacharej, Co Founder of Sonder (left) and Elijah (right)

"I want to create in a way that when people see my photograph, they say, "Yes, this is Elijah's work!"

- Elijah, Sonder Barista

Overall, I would say it was a really great start to our trip and after the first 24 hours I think both Maggie and I really got a taste for all that was to come!

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