Lake Powell Couple’s Session | The Limitless One’s

Remember that one time I posted on IG this really adorable Australian couple that I photographed on the beach at sunset? Well… here’s the story behind our session! Maggie and I were finishing up a day of hiking in the HOT afternoon sun at Horseshoe Bend (we’re talking like 100 degree weather with limitless amounts of liquids to attempt to keep ourselves hydrated) and so naturally, we were eager to cool down and have some chill time. We heard there was a lake nearby with great swimming and camping options – so we went off to do just that! We spent the rest of our day there – read here to know what else we were up to – and amidst our time of just hanging out, I noticed this really sweet couple who were also enjoying the water and what looked like a fun, relaxed summer day. I knew that when we left for our trip I wanted to stretch my comforts as a photographer – specifically, to get over the fear of starting conversations with strangers when I was eager to document them. And so I saw this as a great opportunity to take a leap of faith and ask permission to do a “mini” couple’s session here at Lake Powell. Turns out… not only were they 100% down, but we also ended up spending the rest of our evening together chatting by the fireside and getting to know one another!     Kayla + Jian are some of the most genuine, kind-hearted souls I have ever met! Originally from Australia, they have since been living on the road for 3+ years exploring this beautiful world of ours. If you love travel, adventure, and simply wonderful people… make sure you follow along their journey at The Limitless Ones.

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