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I’m Alisa nicholle,

A multi-passionate entrepreneur who has a deep love for people and finding joy in the little things.

From home decor, office organization, to my

favorite maternity go-to's – check it out!

Studio, Lifestyle & Commercial Photography

I have recently gone through a re-brand and have combined my brand photography business (previously known as Alisa Nicholle Co) with my husband, Brad. You can find our new website at Brad & Alisa Co.

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2023 word

of the year



10 things i
learned in la

The intentional word I have set for the year 2023.

Part one of our wedding day, the morning of on October 5, 2022.

In 2018 I lived in LA for a season, here's 10 things that I learned during my time there.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur,
there's a lot that I pursue.

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There's a handful of different businesses that I run.

All of which I have such a deep passion and love for in their own unique ways.

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