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July 7, 2018 WEST TRAVELS | PT IIII Leaving Utah was bittersweet, to be honest. From saying goodbye to my car, meeting some incredible new friends, and waking up to a beautiful sunrise on Lake Powell after sleeping on the beach we had a... VIEW POST
July 7, 2018 WEST TRAVELS | PT III Horseshoe Bend has always been a bucket list location for me to visit. Mind you, when I saw photos of this iconic spot I never considered exploring this beautiful & vast desert land in the heat of... VIEW POST
September 13, 2018 WEST TRAVELS | PT II (2.0)   After reading through our crazy travels from the past 24 hours, you could understand how tiring it was to wake up the next day - without a vehicle - and knowing that we still had a destinati... VIEW POST
July 7, 2018 WEST TRAVELS | PT II (1.0) If you had an opportunity to read about my first 24 hours on the road, you would know that it was already quiet the adventure in itself! It's crazy to think that flash forward 3 months and I am sittin... VIEW POST
July 7, 2018 WEST TRAVELS | PT I The night before I left town I had the opportunity to connect with my two closest friends for a night out in town over drinks at some of our favorite local spots. After a busy few days (anybody else f... VIEW POST