When I first launched this business, I constantly struggled with where to take the direction of my brand. With having a background in the wedding industry, accidentally starting a side business as a photo editor and still trying to create content that not only felt like my own but truly made my heart come alive – I didn’t even know where to begin.

But like all things in life, what felt like an un-organized mess and miss-direction in life, slowly (and continually) develops into why I am here today: to serve YOU!

Growing up I constantly pursued anything + everything creative that I could get my hands on. From playing multiple instruments, to designing my own fashion illustrations and writing detailed short stories; to running around the midwestern flower fields at sunset taking self portraits, and singing till my voice went course. From this young age and as I continued to develop over the years I quickly began to realize the times where I truly felt alive was when I was creating. And this is what I have discovered throughout this experience so far:

I am Alisa Nicholle.

A unique, silly, and incredibly imperfect human. I deeply care about investing in friendships and those I love, oftentimes am referred to as “the mom” in my friend group and promise to always provide snacks! I am an extroverted-introvert who loves to travel and adventure to new places, but absolutely needs a nap and “me-time” in-between. I really love craft beer, good coffee, and dark chocolate… but I also am incredibly passionate about natural health + wellness. I check out just about every-dog that comes into my sight and dream about having a golden retriever one day to call my own. The Midwest is home for now, though I’ve lived in such a variety of beautiful places.

Serving others sparks so much joy in my life.

Whether it be through documenting your relationship, creating content that not only strongly identifies who you are, but also the brand and/or service which you provide, or if it's taking a load of editing off your plate… I am your girl! Because here’s the thing: I want to bless YOU. I understand how busy life can be (trust me, I'm guilty of playing this card!) but I recognize the value of when we take time for ourselves and invest in the things which are important to us, so much joy is revealed.

Creating quality content is my passion.

I want to help you find your confidence and absolutely LOVE the person you see in the images taken. To bring a voice to image-driven content that words couldn’t otherwise carry. I want to document you and your person, laughing + recognizing the joy you bring each other when you look into their eyes. I want to give you time as you outsource your editing. Time that gives back peace of mind, joy, and most importantly, rest. No matter the service, I am here for you!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time you take action to invest in YOU! Because you know what? You are so incredibly important! No matter the service, I truly cannot wait to connect!

I'm going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.
- Elsie de Wolfe