July 7, 2018 WEST TRAVELS | PT II (1.0) If you had an opportunity to read about my first 24 hours on the road, you would know that it was already quiet the adventure in itself! It's crazy to think that flash forward 3 months and I am sittin... READ THE STORY
July 7, 2018 WEST TRAVELS | PT I The night before I left town I had the opportunity to connect with my two closest friends for a night out in town over drinks at some of our favorite local spots. After a busy few days (anybody else f... READ THE STORY
July 4, 2018 Girls Night | Midwest Sunset Picnic Summertime is filled with long, warm nights, beautiful sunsets, and sipping on wine while enjoying a picnic with your best friends. Well... at least that's what the beginning of my summer looked like... READ THE STORY