Welcome to my first ever apartment tour!

This space of mine is definitely a unique one… and one that can be hard to explain without visuals to represent! However, I know for quite some time now I have promised that I would share this special little place with you all.

So here I am! I’ll try my best to walk you through the layout of this quirky 700 sq. foot space of the place I call home.

Let’s get started!

When you first walk in…

I have a small little hallway, or “entry-way” if you want to consider it that! Straight ahead, you will see my bedroom area and to your right is my living space.

We’ll get to those areas soon!

In this entry-way, I have a nice bench where I can store shoes and above I have a DIY wall shelf that a friend helped custom make for me! This is a perfect nook to store my coat, keys and purse.. something I realize I very much need a space for!

Immediately to your left is my tiny little bathroom. Because I live on my own, I really don’t mind the small space.

Picture Frame: Thrifted + DIY – “Be Still” Flag: Native Supply Co.

As we head back into the the hallway, if you go straight ahead you will enter into both my bedroom AND my kitchen area. I know what you’re thinking…. that’s an odd combination.

But trust me, it works well!

Bedroom Rug: RUGS USA – Side Table: Thrifted – Defuser: Amazon

I have a little clothing rack where I keep my most often used coats
and sweaters, as well as my favorite shoes! This was a $10 find at IKEA.

And then if you turn right around you will find… my kitchen! 

Still a little confused about where my full kitchen is?
It’s okay, most people are! I was too. Keep reading along!

Figuring out how to arrange this space to create a natural flow was something I found incredibly challenging. Thankfully, with the help of friends and a bit of creativity I have absolutely fallen in love with the final results!

Letter Board: Letterfolk – Bar/Kitchen Table: IKEA – Macrame Wall Hanging: HartHaus Co.

Now.. let’s check out where my kitchen is!

Yep, that’s right! My “kitchen” is surely in a closet space. Though it might not be the most conventional thing… it has surprisingly been working pretty okay for me! I have a small stove, sink and enough open-storage space to keep my every-day use items like plates, bowls, and cups. I think one of the most challenging thing is keeping this little space clean on a daily basis.
But I am learning!

Coffee Mugs: Target – Storage Bowls: Home Goods – Soaps + Cleaning Product: Mrs. Meijers


This is the space where I spend my most time…

As I have my living space for entertainment (Netflix, anyone?) as well as my desk and work space. This has also been an area that has taken many times of re-arranging to really get the right flow of things.

I absolutely love where it’s gotten though! I’m sure come around spring-time there will be a new change of things.. but for now, I am loving how cozy everything is around.

Immediately to your right after walking into this living space I have set up my Christmas tree for the holiday’s! Though let’s be honest… with the amount of traveling I’ve done this season, I’ll likely be keeping my tree up until spring!
Anybody else here with me?!

Christmas Stocking: Target – Wooden Garland: DIY with Hobby Lobby – American Flag: Estate Sale/Vintage

It’s taken awhile to collect most of these pieces. But slowly, as I’m able, I try to invest in furniture and decor that really represents my personal style.

Table: Second Hand – Lamp: Target – Floor Pillow: Urban Outfitters

Directly behind my couch, I have created a little space for a bar-cart. Though at home I mostly drink wine, I have absolutely loved having a a dedicated space! Especially in the winter-time, this brings so much warmth to an
already cozy-space.


When living in a unique layout like mine, I have found that throughout the layout design you have to get incredibly creative. Creating different “spaces” throughout one large room has been absolutely ideal as I not only eat and sleep, but also work and relax at home on a daily basis. Having everything split has helped with productivity as well as reminding myself when and where is the best time to rest!

So… there you have it!

I believe this concludes my apartment tour! As previously mentioned, not everything is extremely conventional and don’t get me wrong.. living in such a quirky space comes with it’s frustrations. However, this tiny little space has become so incredibly dear to my heart.

As I continue to grow into the woman I was created to be, my space grows along with me. You know it’s home when every-time you walk in the door, your heart is at ease. I hope you enjoyed looking through this special space!
Merry Christmas, everyone!