This year I have found myself diving more into owning less, but being intentional with the things that I do purchase and use on a regular basis. A lot of this ties into my home, my personal style, and the beauty products that I have. With constantly being on the go and traveling so often throughout this summer I knew that I had to simplify my beauty routine. Basically… I was determined to find great products that were timeless, didn’t require much use, and most of all worked really well!



Thanks to Follie Social I have had the opportunity to try out new products I probably wouldn’t have initially discovered on my own! VERB gifted me a few of their new items, including this dry shampoo specifically made for light hair. If you’re like me you struggle with that blonde, thin + super fine hair.. aka, oily all. the. time! After a couple of uses, I quickly discovered how great this dry shampoo works! It’s a game changer for blonde hair. Plus… they also make dry shampoo’s specifically for brunettes…

How cool is that?!



In addition to trying out this dry shampoo, I recently discovered this Silver Coast Cologne that I purchased from Target. I’ve been searching for a new day-to-day perfume for awhile now and always love to switch out the smells to the season. When I think of fall I think warm, cozy and woodsy… this is just that! This perfume smells just like a cozy bonfire on the coast! I mean, can we get any more fall than that?!

Disclaimer: This is a UniSex perfume so it’s definitely not a girly scent. If you’re like me though, that doesn’t bother you one bit!



What are some of your current favorite beauty products? Do you like reading about what I’ve been into lately? I’d love to know!

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