After reading through our crazy travels from the past 24 hours, you could understand how tiring it was to wake up the next day – without a vehicle – and knowing that we still had a destination to get to, along with many plans that we hoped to experience along the way. Instead of letting this hiccup change our plans, we simply re-adjusted. I said goodbye to my beloved highlander (with over 200,000 miles on it + a burnt transmission, it wasn’t worth the cost to repair) and rented¬† the one and only car available in the small town we were in. Back on track we were!

After just a short drive to southern Utah (our original destination the day before) we made it to our next stop: St. George, Utah!

As a reward? Maggie and I went to In-N-Out… Maggie’s first time trying it!



After lunch, we explored this special city and visited the Inn on the Cliff – a really neat hotel where we had initially made reservations the night beforehand to stay at. Though throughout this trip we did things on the cheap – every once in awhile we made a splurge by enjoying something a little higher-end. For me two of my favorite things to experience during travels is food + unique accommodations. This hotel was exactly that! Unfortunately they no longer had rooms available for the night we were in town – but the manager was so incredibly hospitable and blessed us with an all-access pass to their pool & jacuzzi that overlooked this incredible view! It was honestly the perfect way to unwind & reflect.



We were absolutely blown away by the overall hospitality & kindness by everyone we had met so far during this trip, especially in Utah. An even bigger reminder to go into new adventures open-minded and taking each new day as it comes – because you truly never know what you’ll be met with!¬†